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BasQuisite, at last, a trade fair with a difference

Your diary is full of shows, fairs and other events. Yet you still haven’t found the trade fair that you’re looking for: one that surprises you with new products, one that is adequately sized to allow you to explore a wide range of suppliers without being overwhelmed and, of course, one that makes the most of your valuable time.

If so, BasQuisite is the professional food show you want to visit. We welcome you to discover a region overflowing with products of the highest quality as well as many small-scale producers who do not make it to the big international fairs.

BasQuisite is a trade fair with carefully selected products and suppliers, where we focus on the essential ingredients for success: products of interest, like-minded professionals to meet and interact with, and with a maximum of 100 exhibitors, there is sufficient time to explore the show.

Our aim is to build partnerships between you and our producers and create business opportunities which expand our borders, which is why we would like to invite you to take part in our Hosted Buyers Program.

I assure you that a visit to the Basque Country, with its broad and diverse culinary culture and significant concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants, will be well worth it.
We await you.

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You can download our brochure for further information.

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Please note that submission of this form does not mean you will be automatically accepted as a Hosted Buyer at BasQuisite.