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Finally a trade fair with a difference

Your diary is full of shows, fairs and other events. And yet you still can’t find the trade fair that you’re looking for, that surprises you with new products, that is really productive; and that is the right size, with a wide range of products on offer but without being overwhelming.

What will you find at Basquisite and why should you come?

Basquisite - logo

Basquisite is the professional Show you want to visit if you want to see new things and find out all about a region overflowing with products of the highest quality and generally smallscale producers, who do not make it to the big international fairs.

It is a trade fair for selected products and producers, with a maximum of 100 exhibitors, and focused on the essentials: products that are of interest, people to talk to and do business with, and sufficient time to explore.

You should come to Basquisite because here you will find products and people, not just stands. At Basquisite you will only find two types of stand: a standard model, and another that is larger but equally simple. This is because we have deliberately designed a business-oriented exhibition, not one that merely aims to create a spectacle or cover as much floor area as possible. What we really want is for you to find products that are of interest to you.

 At Basquisite you will find the company managers, with decision-making power, so that you can have productive working meetings rather than just gathering information and brochures. At many events, the company representatives on the stands do not have the authority to negotiate or make decisions and therefore visiting them offers little in terms of added value. At Basquisite, you can also arrange meetings that are of specific interest to you in order to optimize your time. We call it straight to business.

You will be able to dedicate time to what interests you, because the event has been expressly designed to combine a manageable size with a rich variety of exhibitors and products. In terms of numbers, you will find approximately 100 exhibiting companies, with about 1,000 gastronomic references on display, within an area of nearly 5,000 m2 .

You will be able to enjoy a fantastic tasting dinner cooked by one of the leading chefs of the basque gastronomy

The great concentration of companies within a relatively small radius will make it possible for you to visit companies you are interested in.

The organization will be responsible for dealing with all the logistics at no extra cost to you.

It was the 1st edition
Basquisite 2017

  • 4.000 m2of show.
  • 900 professionals visiting.
  • 84% of the atendees highlited the quality of the meeting.
  • 10.71 meetings averaged pp.
  • 82% perceived the event as Premium.
  • 80% considers likely to be back.
  • 76% believes that will make business with at least one of the expositors.
  • 82% rated the visit as very satisfactory.


Francisco García

Director, USA García BartzLLC New York

…, congratulations for the event. I have found a very professional crowd and products of great interest to us.

We expect to close deals with many of the producerss we have met.

Elise Bekaert

Jan Palfijnstraat 23.9000 Gent. Belgium.

I wanted to thank you for the organisation and the invitation to basquisite. I found it truly interesting.

I have met in person to many of the suppliers that had heard of but never had the oppotunity to meet, plus i have discovered new potential ones. Thanks very much and congratulations.

Agnieszka BaraNska-Stasiak


I would like to give you many thanks for organization and nice stay in Spain on the Basquisite.

Everything was perfectly organized and I am very glad about my participation on the Fair.