Polígono Apatta C/ Baratzondo, 2 Pab. A2
20400 Ibarra (Gipuzkoa)
+34 943 575 480

Zubelzu Piparrak is a family company established in 1994 that prepares the showed “La Guindilla de Ibarra” (Ibarra Chili) (Gipuzkoa) under the Eusko Label quality certificate. The company launched an innovative product on the market in 2012, the classic Gildas Zubelzu (Zubelzu Snacks) with Anchovy, ready to consume. There are currently four tapas prepared with top quality products, with the original Piparra de Ibarra, winners, in Brussels, of the “Superior Flavour Prize” iTQi, Superior quality seal, with one star: The classic snack with anchovy, the snack with sardine, the classic snack with plovers and the classic snack with Basque Country sheep cheese.

The team at Zubelzu Piparrak wants to ensure the highest quality of all its products. To achieve these goals, it employs experienced staff and modern facilities.