Licores Baines

Oficinas Centrales - Calle B (Pol. Ind. Comarca II), NAVE 6
31191 Esquiroz
+34 948 30 35 45

THE BAINES GROUP is a set of companies formed by different liquor production and gourmet products companies.

With its production center in Navarra (Spain), LICORES BAINES is one of the region’s flagship companies. The quality, the craft nature of its products and its focus on R+D+i have given it a unique hallmark which makes it stand out. Thanks to this, it is in a very competitive position in the market, being the leader in craft liquor production.

Its mission is to meet the needs of customers and consumers, offering high-quality, craft liquors. Hence LICORES BAINES holds the Reyno Gourmet quality certificate, Craft Company certificate issued by the Navarra Government and belongs to the Navarran Pacharan Geographical Label Regulating Committee.