Since 1890. Art in the production of canned white tuna, anchovies from the Bay of Biscay and more…

Hijos de José Serrats, S.A. - "Conservas Serrats"
Landabaso Poligonoa 3B
48370 BERMEO (Bizkaia)
Tlf.: 946 187 280 (egunaren 24 orduetan)

“Conservas Serrats” is sited in Bermeo (Spain), in the coasts of the Bay of Biscay since 1890.

High quality products. Our preserves are elaborated following a meticulous and handmade process, learnt and improved throughout five generations. This meticulous care, along with the selection of the finest raw materials: fresh fish, oils, are the guarantee to achieve our objective: a very special range of canned fish products having an exceptional quality.

We have the IFS (International Food Standard”, maximum standard of quality.

PRODUCTS. High quality products. Canned White Tuna (Bonito del Norte) and Anchovies from the Bay of Biscay; also canned Yellowfin tuna and other specialities: Mussels, Cockles, Sea Urchin Roe, Sardines… Different sizes of preserves with different covers. In cans or in glass jars. We also have a special range of ORGANIC and MSC reserves.