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BASQUISITE is conceived as a professional show that offers participants (exhibitors and visitors alike) maximum value, eliminating all superfluous elements. This lean philosophy in practical terms means:

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We have sought a stand construction system that offers businesses possibilities to customize the space and with simple logistics, but that remains affordable.

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We offer two types of stand (and no more) to simplify the set-up for exhibitors, adapting to their interests. We offer a standard option for those seeking cost effectiveness, and another for those seeking a greater level of image, without involving a major budget. Since there is only two versions, no one will feel small, but those who want to stand out can do so.

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As part of this lean philosophy and following current trends that favor recyclable materials, the system chosen can be recycled in its entirety or can reused by exhibitors (with a purchase option).

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We don’t want to create statistics; we want to focus on creating value and business. That’s why we want to avoid (as far as possible) opening up the event to non-professionals, even though this may mean less visitors. In other words, we’re not looking to attract large crowds, but rather the right people. Along these lines, we use the latest networking methodologies and pre-arranged meetings. Also, we will carry out a very strong Hosted Buyers program, in order to get the exhibitors to create business.

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